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Webstore Gift Card Policy

Place an order for at least $100 (before shipping & handling and taxes) on our web store and receive your choice of ONE of the following $10 gift cards per $100 ordered (before shipping & handling and taxes) - maximum of 5 gift cards per order. Once the value of your shopping cart reaches $100, you can add desired gift card to your shopping cart by clicking on ADD TO CART below the image of gift card that will appear automatically.

There are 5 options of gift cards: Cineplex Odeon, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, S.A.Q. or L.C.B.O.


- OR -

- OR - (Quebec only)

Note 1: As per our standard terms & conditions, we - Crestar Ltd. - reserve the right to reject any web order for any reason whatsoever.

Note 2: If you receive one or more gift card(s) under this promotion and you decide to return merchandise (as per our return policy), your net order may fall below a $100 threshold (pre-shipping & handling + taxes) in which case, you will either need to also return the gift card(s) or the value of the gift card(s) will be charged to you and, at our discretion, may be used to reduce the credit you receive.

Note 3: Gift cards are issued for each $100 ordered (before shipping & handling and taxes). The following are examples of the awarding of gift cards based on order size (without shipping & handling and taxes):

Order Value Gift Card(s) Awarded Gift Card(s) Value
$85 0 $0
$185 1 $10
$285 2 $20
$485 4 $40
$500 5 $50
$700 5 $50